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Wayne LaPierre

The NRA Leader Speaks Out on Critical Issues1 Season / 9 Episodes

Armed & Fabulous

Meet Powerful and Passionate Protectors of the Second Amendment5 Seasons / 16 Episodes

Cam & Co

Weekday Talk Show Covering Second Amendment-Related Issues3 Seasons / 691 Episodes


Opinions and Perspective on the Hottest Stories Making Headlines6 Seasons / 135 Episodes

Curator's Corner

Uncovering Hidden Gems from the NRA Museum Collections3 Seasons / 87 Episodes

Defending Our America

What Does it Take to Defend America?2 Seasons / 34 Episodes

Freedom's Safest Place

All Freedoms Are Connected1 Season / 27 Episodes


International Reporting on the Most Dangerous Threats to our Freedom4 Seasons / 50 Episodes

Ginny Simone Reporting

In-Depth Reporting on Stories the Mainstream Media Won't Cover7 Seasons / 99 Episodes

The Good Guys

It's Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again1 Season / 11 Episodes

I Am Forever

A Journey To Reignite The American Spirit2 Seasons / 19 Episodes

Love at First Shot

Breaking Down Barriers to the World of Shooting, One Shot at a Time2 Seasons / 28 Episodes


Taking Back the Narrative for a New Generation of Gun Enthusiasts4 Seasons / 36 Episodes

Patriot Profiles

True Stories about Real American Heroes5 Seasons / 41 Episodes


Key Addresses From NRA Leaders and Second Amendment Supporters22 Seasons / 40 Episodes

Tips & Tactics

Take Your Shooting to the Next Level6 Seasons / 91 Episodes

The Treasure Collection

Signature Pieces from the NRA National Firearms Museum4 Seasons / 79 Episodes